About Martin…

Martin grew up as the only child of itinerant parents stationed at various outposts of the British Empire. Living amongst different peoples and cultures from an early age imbued the author, in adulthood, with the sense of being a citizen sans frontiers; a global citizen – a citizen of Humanity.

Through a series of ‘chance’ encounters with strangers, Martin’s life became guided in a direction towards Eastern spiritual Enlightenment. As one of very few individuals in the West who has achieved the status of a Yogic Siddha, Martin has been given access to knowledge of the deepest – and sometimes darkest – secrets and challenges facing modern citizens of Humanity; challenges which threaten our very existence.

Martin’s work is a rallying cry to his readers – and collectively to Humanity – to awaken, confront and eliminate the forces of Darkness that are preventing us from becoming who we really are.

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